Plot of data calulated by an existing satellite algorithm

Preliminary phytoplankton carbon biomass (mgCm<sup>-3</sup>) annual climatology estimated combining one of the participant algorithms in POCO with OC-CCI satellite data. For more details on the algorithm used see Sathyendranath et al. 2009 [doi: 10.3354/meps07998]

A number of existing satellite algorithms from the literature has been reviewed for different carbon products in the ocean: particulate organic carbon (POC), phytoplankton carbon (<sub>Cphy</sub>) and dissolved organic carbon (DOC). Using the in-situ dataset the performance of the selected algorithms will be evaluated following established protocols in use in the ESA-OC CCI (Brewin et al. 2012) The results of the algorithms will inform the discussions in a planned workshop to make recommendations to mark the path ahead for the development of operational carbon products from Sentinel - 3 satellites. If you are a Carbon algorithm provider and would like that your algorithm participates in the comparison exercise, please get in contact with